Rod Rotator RR-01 (Telescopic Actuator*)

Continuous rod rotation is the most effective method to evenly distribute wear on rods, rod guides, couplings, and tubing. In conjunction with rod guides, rod rotation is also the most effective means of removing paraffin build up from inside the tubing.

The new Rod Rotator RR-01 with Telescopic Actuator*, is the best solution to effectively rotate the rod string and considerably reduce costs due to premature wear failure on rods and tubing in rod pumping.

The new Telescopic Actuator*, allows an easy, safe and quick installation compared to other rod rotators with cable actuators. This new patent pending actuator can be used in beam pumping units and others with long stroke such as Rotaflex® or hydraulic pumping units.

* Patent pending

  • Evenly distributes wear of rods, rod guides, couplings, and tubing.
  • Removes paraffin buildup (use it with rod guides).
  • Easy, safe and quick installation of the Telescopic Actuator. (No hand tools are needed).
  • Can be installed on all type of rod pumping equipment. (Beam pumping units, Rotaflex® and hydraulic pumping units).
  • Reliable actuator, nearly no maintenance costs compared to cable actuator.
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